Colortek Materials and Design Trend

What once was old is new again, and nothing proves that more than the recent resurgence of the terrazzo trend. Since like me, it might remind you of your childhood kitchen or your grandma’s floor, you're probably wondering how its managed to filter its way into the world of interior design!

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Flooring Materials

Well, the forgotten flooring material is back, and we have made it better than ever, allowing designers to take this sublime material to new heights.

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Chips Of Marble

These days terrazzo is made using a variety of chips of marble, quartz, granite, or even glass set into an epoxy matrix. The mix can be poured on site to create one of a kind seamless bespoke floors or casted for unique wall cladding designs

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Planters & Furniture &Tables

The chips can actually be quite small or quite large, and the matrix and the aggregate can be almost any color you can imagine, which makes for a myriad of design possibilities. This variety means that this material is even providing inspiration for home accessories such as planters, furniture, tables, and more.

And the best part of it all? Not only terrazzo has unusual aesthetic properties, but it also offers you floors that are easy to care for because it is an incredibly durable and hard-wearing material that will outlast most flooring materials that can be restored and repolished to bring it back to life at any time!


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