Completed projects reference

Kumtec Showroom

The main concept of the exterior design of Kumtec showroom at Shuwaikh by Mawared Out-fit

Private Villa-1

The interior design of the villa follows the same strategy of the overall project:

Taking into account the major need to protect the house and the exterior spaces from local heat, the features of the existing building, the design and materials of the new one and the exteriors concept are all carefully studied to achieve an extremely low consumption of energy for air conditioning

Private Villa-2

Particular attention has been given to the design of the exterior spaces.

the interiors are strongly interconnected with the exterior space and the choice of materials play with the realms.

Private Villa-3

In one of main renowned city neighborhoods, a high-ceiling luxury design characterizes a penthouse where a combination of different materials becomes the main theme of the project, further emphasized by a luxury stone wall.

Private Villa-4

A residential design project with a marble feature wall that becomes the main element of the house, giving dynamism and lightness to space, wisely counterbalanced with darker pieces of furniture and colour palettes for an elegant and contemporary final result.


Kefan Optics Showroom

Aimed to rethink the public space and foster the relationship between the display and its users, a hotel and residences design merging with the urban setting yet standing out for its architectural structure and interior spaces finished with natural stone textures adding a touch of elegance and sophistication.