Product Hint

Rigid core, or SPC (solid polymer core), is made of a composite core construction, a step up from solid LVT, with a higher filler content and higher density without any foaming agent creating air bubbles in the core. The result is a thinner, harder and stiffer plank. Rigid core products are primarily suitable where higher indentation resistance is required and extensive exposure to sunlight/heat can occur.

Product Details

The upper layer, made from the finest wood species, is the result of a careful selection of raw materials and unique production processes. Exclusive milling methods, such as innovative drying processes, are home to production secrets materials that gain new value at each stage. It’s about striving for perfection from the beginning. The secret of parquet stability lies in the substrate layer: a special system of birch wood layers, with marine bonding, which enables the production of perfectly stable boards of large dimensions. The technology, made of multi-layer transverse fibers, ensures the non-deformability of every section. The support layers designed in this way have a higher mechanical strength capable of perfectly balancing the inevitable stresses of the layer above. This means excellent balance and product stability. A high-strength varnish coating, that delivers unparalleled performance, Strength, or a penetrating treatment with natural oil that emphasizes the tactility of wood.