Wooden Parquet Flooring

Our flooring products range includes solid, and engineered. All are brought to our valued customers…

WPC Decking

Composite decking has been the popular choice for several years due to the widespread acceptance and availability, and continued to grow depends on the factors alike, colors, dimensional stability, low maintenance, price and easy to install.

WPC Profiles

Composite Wall Cladding is the perfect choice for decorating exterior wall cladding

Vinyl Flooring

Rigid core, or SPC (solid polymer core), is made of a composite core construction, a step up from solid LVT, with a higher filler content and higher density without any foaming agent creating air bubbles in the core. The result is a thinner, harder and stiffer plank. Rigid core products are primarily suitable where higher indentation resistance is required and extensive exposure to sunlight/heat can occur.

Solid Slabs

The Slabs are flat sawn from logs, tree trunks, and contain various characteristics such as voids, knots, checks, and splits. These characteristics contribute to a truely unique slab. Wood Slabs are great choice for vibrant design that brings the interior of any space to life. Slabs serve a wide variety of purposes including Table tops, Counter tops, Benches, Coffee Tables, Bed Head boards, Shelves, and many other applications. Slabs can be squared for straight edges or left with their natural waney edges. One full slab can be used in its original size or it could be cut to suit a particular requirement.

Decorative Paints

Our passion for wall and floor design is represented through the widest product range related to the wall and floor finishes industry.